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On goal: A shot which will enter the goal if nothing stops 
it is said to be "on goal", "on frame" or "on target". 
One-touch play: When a player redirects a moving ball with 
the first touch, either as a pass to another player or as a 
shot, without using the first touch to control the ball. See 
two-touch play. 
Onside: Not being offside. (Law 11)
Open up: 1. To turn slightly away from the direction of an 
approaching ball which one is about to receive in order to 
improve one's vision of the field of play by having more of 
the field in view. 2. Issued as an instruction to a player 
to tell him or her to open up. 
Out: Or "get out". See push.
Over the top: To play "over the top" is to send long high 
balls forward into the attacking third so that they drop 
behind the fullbacks, with the intention of creating 
attacking opportunities for strikers or wing forwards. 
Overlap: A tactic used by the attacking team. One player 
will run past the ball carrier in order to put himself in a 
better position to receive the ball. 
Overtime: If the score is tied after regulation and the 
rules call for more time to be played, then two periods of 
equal and predetermined time must be played, team changing 
ends after each period. Normally, the periods must be played 
in their entirety, regardless of the score. In some cases, 
provisions are made for a sudden death type overtime where 
the game is over once there is a score. See golden goal. 
(Law 7) 
Own goal: A goal scored by a player into his own team's net. 
If a shot is taken and the ball deflects off a defender for 
a goal, the goal is considered to have been scored by the 
player taking the shot, and is not an own goal. 
Parry: A controlled and deliberate deflection by the 
goalkeeper using the hands. The goalkeeper is considered to 
have been in possession of the ball at the time it touched 
the hands. 
Pass: To transfer possession of the ball to a teammate.
Penalty: A synonym for penalty kick. Also for calling a foul 
that will result in a penalty kick. 
Penalty arc: The arc that is present on the line, parallel 
to the goal line, that defines the penalty area. This arc 
has a 10 yard radius from the penalty mark. Also called "the 
D." (Law 1  
Penalty area: The box that is formed when a line is drawn 18 
yards out from each goalpost, along the goal line. The lines 
extend 18 yards into the field of play and are connected 



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