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with a line that is parallel to the goal line. (Law 1, Law 
Penalty kick: A direct kick, taken by a player, from the 
penalty mark as a result of a foul committed by the 
defensive team in their penalty area. All players except the 
goal keeper and the player taking the kick must be outside 
the penalty area and 10 yards from the ball. (Law 14)  
Penalty mark: Also called the penalty spot. A circular mark 
9" in diameter made 12 yards out from the center of the 
goal, where the ball is placed when a penalty kick is to be 
taken. (Law 1, Law 14)  
Pitch: See field of play.
PK: See penalty kick. (Law 14) 
Play in: To play a teammate in is to play a through ball for 
him to run on to. 
Player: Each of the 11 (or fewer) members of a team who is 
legally on the field of play and taking part in the match. 
See substitute. 
Position: 1. Any one of the names which describes where a 
player plays and what his or her role is; see goal keeper, 
fullback, sweeper, stopper, screen, wheel man, libero, 
midfielder, forward, wingback, striker, window player, hole 
player, wing. 2. Defensive position: placing oneself in a 
proper position to defend against attack. 
Possession: Having control of the ball. For a goal keeper, 
control (possession) is having any part of the hand or arm 
touching the ball. 
Possession play: An attacking system in which a team tries 
to retain possession of the ball while advancing toward the 
attacking third and while in the attacking third, with the 
object of trying to create scoring opportunities. Frequently 
contrasted with direct play. 
Pressure: 1. A tactic used to attempt to dispossess an 
opponent of the ball. Generally refers to the close 
proximity of the defender. 2. Used as an instruction to tell 
a player to apply pressure to an opponent who has possession 
of the ball. 
Pull: See push.
Punt: A method of kicking that goal keepers use to clear the 
ball upfield, wherein the ball is dropped from the hand and 
kicked before touching the ground or as a half-volley. 
Push: A coaching instruction used to tell players to move 
forward, towards the opponents' goal, in order to put 
opponents in an offside position, as in "push up" or "push 
out."Also "out", "step", "step up" and "pull". 
Pushing: Intentionally pushing an opposing player. (Law 12) 

Recovery: The act of defenders to get back into a defensive 
Recreational: Less competitive soccer where players have the 



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