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chance to sign up to play the sport regardless of ability. 
Red Card: Disciplinary action of sending a player, or 
players off the field of play. (Law 12) 
Referee: The official who have been given full authority to 
enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match to 
which he has be en appointed. FIFA matches will have one 
referee and two assistant referees. Other leagues may have 
two referees and no assistants. (Law 5)  
Restart: The use of a kick, throw or dropped ball to restart 
play after play has been stopped because the ball goes out 
of the field of play or the referee stops play for any 
reason. (Law 8) 
Reverse field: See switch field.
Save: An action that stops a shot on goal from scoring.
SAY: Soccer Association for Youth. A recreational soccer 
Schemer: See window player.
Scissors kick: See bicycle kick.
Screen: 1. Position name (from 'windscreen wiper'); applied 
to a defensive midfielder playing in front of the fullbacks 
with responsibility for collecting loose balls across the 
width of the field and then distributing them; also called 
"defensive screen". 2. To block the keeper's view of the 
Screw-ins: Shoes with removable (and therefore replaceable) 
studs (as opposed to permanently fixed molded cleats) 
designed for use in wet conditions or soft ground. Often 
called "six-stud cleats" after the number of studs usually 
found on the sole of each boot. (Law 4)  
Select: More competitive soccer where players are 'selected' 
to be on a team following tryouts or some other prearranged 
qualifying standard. 
Set piece: See set play.
Set play: A rehearsed series of actions normally initiated 
in a dead ball situation to attempt to create or take 
advantage of a scoring opportunity. These involve 
misdirecting opponents, usually on free kicks, or taking 
advantage of positions of vulnerability, for example on 
corner kicks. 
Shape: Refers to the characteristic placement of players in 
a given formation. If players wander a way from their 
assigned roles and are not replaced by teammates, a team may 
be said to have "lost its shape".  
Shielding: The tactic of a ball carrier putting his body 
between the ball and the defender. 
Shinguards: Protective equipment worn by players to aid in 
prevention of injuries to the shin. (Law 4) 
Shootout: A tie-breaking device that pits one player against 
the goalkeeper in either penalty kicks or a breakaway type 



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