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run from 35 yards away. In both cases, the winner is 
determined after a best of five chances alternating with 
each team. If tied after five, the contest continues with 
different players until one team scores and the other team 
doesn't. See “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” supplement. 
Shot: An attempt to score into the opponents goal.
Sideways-on: The body position of a player, normally on 
defense, such that the player is turned so the hips face one 
touchline or the other more than either goalline. The 
purpose is to allow the player to react quicker in the 
direction of either goalline. 
Six-stud cleats: See screw-ins. (Law 4)
Sliding tackle: Executing a baseball type slide in an 
attempt to dispossess the ball from a ball carrier. 
Small-sided game: Any one of numerous types of exercise or 
competition in which the number of players involved is less 
than (usually much less than) the "normal" 11 a side. Many 
different small-sided games are frequently used as training 
exercises with older players and as the normal competition 
format with younger players. See micro-soccer. 
Space: Used to define an area on the field that is free from 
opponents and pressure. The ball can be passed into space 
for a player to run on to. A player can run into space to 
get open for a pass or to bring defenders with him to rid 
the area under attack of defenders (see dummy run). 
Square: 1. A player situated at any point on a line parallel 
to the goal line with respect to a teammate is said to be in 
a "square" position. 2. A term used to communicate to a 
player that a teammate is supporting him in a square 
position . 
Square ball: A pass played "square", in other words parallel 
to the goal line or perpendicular to the touch line. 
Step: Or "step up". See push.
Stockings: Socks that cover the shinguards. (Law 4) 
Stoppage time: See time lost. (Law 7)
Stopper: Name of a position; usually applied to a single 
central defender playing in front of a sweeper. 
Striker: A position name given to a player in a central 
attacking position. 
Striking: Intentional or intent to strike an opponent. (Law 
Strip: The uniform worn by all team members, consisting of 
jersey, shorts and stockings. Professional teams, and many 
competitive teams, will have both a home strip in the club 
colors and a contrasting away strip. Professional teams 
often have a third strip for occasions when a visiting 



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