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space behind the defenders for a teammate to run on to. 
Throw-in: A method of restart which is awarded to the team 
that did not touch the ball last before it went over the 
touch line. (Law 15) 
Tie: 1. See draw. 2. See match.
Time: An instruction to tell a player as he receives the 
ball that he has time to gain control of the ball. 
Time added on: See time lost. (Law 7)
Time lost: The referee has the ability to add time at the 
end of either half for time lost because of treatment or 
removal of injured players, wasted time, substitutions or 
any other cause. (Law 7) 
Toe punch: Or, "toe poke." Typically used for tackling, the 
player is able to touch the ball with his toe, attempting to 
dispossess the ball carrier. 
Touch: 1. Developing a 'feel' for the ball. 2. Defines the 
number of times a ball is touched: One-touch, two-touch. 3. 
A call to a teammate who is about to receive the ball to 
pass the ball on with his or her first touch. 
Touch line: The lines forming the long sides of the 
rectangular field of play. (Law 1) 
Transition: Going from offensive to defensive play 
(sometimes called "negative transition") and vice versa 
(sometimes called "positive transition"). 
Tripping: Intentionally causing or attempting to cause an 
opponent to fall. (Law 12)  
Turf shoes: Footwear with many small studs designed for use 
on artificial turf or very hard ground. (Law 4)  
Turn: 1. To reverse direction while in possession of the 
ball, normally in order to go forward or to play a cross or 
a shot. 2. An instruction to tell a teammate about to 
receive the ball that he has time and space to turn. 3. To 
"get turned": for the ball carrier to put himself in a 
position facing the defender in order to try to beat him. 4. 
To "turn a defender": to cause him to overcommit to one side 
so as to dribble the ball behind him. 
Two-touch play: When a player first controls a moving ball 
with one touch and with the next touch, passes to another 
player or shoots.See one-touch play. 
Up: 1. Pass the ball forward, towards the opponents goal. 2. 
Movement of players towards the opponents goal. 
Upper V: Also "upper 90". Refers to the intersection of the 
crossbar and goalpost. 
USSF: United States Soccer Federation. The governing body of 
soccer in the United States. 
USYSA: United States Youth Soccer Association. The youth 
division of the USSF. 
Volley: A technique used by a player where he is able to 



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