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strike the ball while it is in the air. 
Wall: The players who stand between the ball and their own 
goal at the time a free kick is going to be taken. These 
players form a human barrier between the ball and their 
goal. (Law 13)  
Wall pass: See give-and-go.
Wheel man: Central midfielder with primary responsibility 
for distributing the ball when team is on the attack. 
Wing: Or "winger". As in "wing forward" or "wing 
midfielder". A player who normally plays near the touchline, 
often with an attacking responsibility. 
Wingback: A fullback playing in a wide position with 
responsibility for making attacking overlapping runs down 
the flank. 
Window player: Position name; applied to an attacking 
midfielder or to a forward who plays behind the striker(s) 
and takes advantage of balls laid off by them or played back 
to the top of the penalty area by the wing forwards; also 
receives penetrating balls from fullbacks or wing 
midfielders and distributes them Also called "schemer". 
Yellow card: A cautionary measure used by the referee to 
warn a player not to repeat an offense. A second yellow card 
in a match results in a red card. (Law 12) 
Vision: The ability to see the happenings on the field of 
play. Players with excellent 'vision' have the ability to 
see and know where their teammates are located in relation 
to the defenders. 
Zone defense: A defensive system in which players are 
assigned responsibility for particular areas of the 
defensive third rather than for individual opponents. See 
man-to-man defense. 



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