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the length of the field and located about ten yards in from 
the touch line; often exploited for diagonal runs by wing- 
and center-forwards, who look for a through ball to be 
played along it. 2. To 'channel' an opponent is to steer him 
or her into a more predictable, easily defended direction. 
Charging: The initiation of contact with an opposing player. 
Not all charges are illegal. (Law 12) 
Check away: To move away from a teammate who has the ball; 
frequently used before checking back to the ball in order to 
create space and confuse a defender. 
Check to: An offensive player runs toward the ball carrier, 
usually to call for a pass; frequently used immediately 
after the player has checked away from the ball in order to 
create space and confuse the defenders. 
Check run: See check to and check away.
Chop: A forceful redirection of the ball used to flee a 
defender. Similar to a cut, but a stronger action is 
Clear: A term used by defenders to send the ball rapidly 
upfield. This term is yelled out by defenders to alert the 
defender with the ball that he has impending pressure. 
Clearance: Usually a long, flighted ball used by defenders 
to clear the ball upfield. 
Cleats: Specialty footwear worn by soccer players. So called 
for the studs or cleats on the soles of the shoes. These are 
frequently permanently molded as part of the sole but may 
also be removable. See also footwear. (Law 4) 
Close down: The technique whereby a defender gets as close 
as possible to an attacker, usually the ball-carrier, 
without letting the attacker get past. 
Compress the field: As defenders push out toward the ball, 
thereby reducing the area in which attacking forwards can 
move without being in an offside position, they are said to 
"compress the field". 
Corner arc: The quarter-circle marking, with a radius of one 
yard, located at each of the four corners defining the field 
of play. (Law 1)  
Corner flag: Flagposts positioned at each of the four 
corners defining the field of play. (Law 1)  
Corner kick: A method of restart, awarded to the attacking 
team when the ball, having last been touched by the 
defending team, crosses the goal line without entering the 
goal. (Law 17) 
Cover: 1. A defender who is supporting a teammate facing the 
attacking player on the ball is said to be providing cover; 
2. A defender moving into such a position will call "Cover!" 



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